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DOJO Instructors

This is our current coaching team. Our energetic and passionate team utilise a modern, friendly approach to build confidence in the students.


Who has achieved a blackbelt?

The Goshin Karate and Kudo MMA syllabus is very challenging.  Goshin Karate has an extensive knowledge base which takes years of dedication and has only been achieved by a few. These are the few that managed it.


Why do they wear a blue, white and some times black suit?

Karate is normally known from the white GI (suit or kimono) but Kudo fighters are often seen in blue. This is because in competition it is much easier to identity fighters when they are in different colour suits. The black is to identify black belts in Goshin Karate that are 2nd Dan and above.


What is the difference between this Karate and others?

This is the simplest question. Many Karate groups claim to be full contact which maybe true but they forget to mention that they do not practice head contact. Not only do we practice realistic technique involving striking, throwing and groundwork we spend as little time as possible punching and kicking air which means that our students are self disciplined and can actually defend themselves for real.


Mal Sanchez-Jones

UK KUDO International Branch Chief & Chief Instructor Goshin Karate

Mal has studied martial arts for over 38 years with a foundation in Karate, Judo & Boxing (6th Dan Combat Karate, 5th Dan Goshin Karate, 1st Dan Japanese Mixed Martial Art - Daido Juku Kudo) 


A-Jay Harrhy

Instructor / Kudo Team Coach

A-Jay is a well seasoned fighter with experience in several types of full contact martial arts. In 2018 he represented his country in Japan

(2nd Dan, Combat Karate & Goshin Karate. 1st Dan Japanese Mixed Martial Art Daido Juku Kudo)


Kieron Hagon

Instructor / Karate Team Coach

Kieron joined the team from a Kyokushin background and is passionate about developing international friendships.

(2nd Dan, Combat Karate & Goshin Karate. 2n Kyu Brown Belt Japanese Mixed Martial Art Daido Juku Kudo, 1st Dan Kyokushin Karate)


Steve Blackwell

Instructor / Judo Team Coach

Steve has over 30 years experience in Judo from National to Commonwealth level. Steve coaches the Judo element of the Mixed Martial Arts classes.

(1st Dan Judo)


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