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What is Goshin Karate?


Goshin Karate is a traditional form of Karate-Do. Its roots are based within Japanese Shotokai and Malaysian Karate Budokan. Goshin replaces linear movement with techniques using evasion and replaces powerful blocks with fluent deflections. The style has a great emphasis on having a realistic approach to training and bridges the gap between traditional basics and the practice of the fighting form.

Goshin Karate is a Martial Art not a Martial Sport. The main objective of the style is to learn realistic self defence for everyday life. There is no emphasis on competition and students are not forced to enter them. Students that wish to test their skills can enter the UK Kudo Championships. Students practice full contact sparring which incorporates groundwork.


Goshin Jutsu Karate

Translates to "Empty hand, the way of self defence".

A traditional Karate dedicated to the promotion of realistic self defence.



The syllabus is divided into the following categories:

  • Kihon (Traditional basic technique)

  • Kata (Catalogue of self defence application)

  • Kansetsu (Joint manipulation and restraint)

  • Nagewaza (Throwing technique and take downs)

  • Tegumi (Okinawan wrestling, similar to Newaza)

  • Kumite (Sparring, full-contact head contact and floor work)

  • Tai Chi (Shibashi Qi Gong)

  • Meditation

  • Okinawan weapons (Bo, Sai and Nunchaku)

Why practice Kata?


Kata is the underpinning knowledge of all technique practised in Karate. The intention of each movement or sequence contained within Kata is to gain an advantageous position or to disable an attacker with a single strike.

The practice of Kata is not only the foundation of Karate but the true expression of its history. Kata has had many influences from Chinese Kung Fu to Okinawan Tegumi in its infancy and then Jiu Jitsu during the introduction to main land Japan.

Kata contain a comprehensive system of combative methods encompassing strikes, locks, chokes and throws which can be applied both standing and while on the floor.

The efficacy of a Kata is only measurable by its function.


From Kata our training is divided into the following sections:

  • Kihon - The practice of set basic movement.

  • Oyo - Application of technique using a partner.

  • Kumite - Sparring practice based on realistic scenarios (E.g. grappling, head butts, weapons, etc)

  • Goshin Riaru - Full contact fighting to promoting effective natural responses


"Martial arts progress from Kata to Kumite and then to combat"

Otsuka Hironori


"Kumite is an actual fight using many styles of basic Kata to grapple with the opponent"

Choki Motobu


"Through sparring practice the practical meaning of Kata becomes apparent"

Chojun Miyagi

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