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Mal Sanchez-Jones

Mal Sanchez-Jones is a well respected  martial arts instructor who is passionate about giving back to his home town of  Barry . Although he is internationally recognised for his black belt in Japanese Mixed Martial Art (Kudo) and his expert level in Karate, Mal's passion to share the health benefits of Tai Chi has been recognised especially from the success of his class at Barry Island.

Those close to Mal will tell you that he attributes his success in martial arts to the health benefits of Tai Chi practice in his early childhood. The breathing elements had a significant impact on his health especially when trying to manage and overcome chronic Asthma.  In adulthood, Mal fulfilled a life time dream of practicing Tai Chi in Beijing which had a profound influence on his understanding of the 'softer' martial arts. He was later asked to teach to a few elderly people at a local charity which led to Mal running a session at Barry Island beach right next to his home. The group has gone from strength to strength and boasts class numbers in excess of 40 during the Summer months.

Mal continues to try and develop a community of Tai Chi practitioners who share his passion for community development and gentle exercise.

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